We work in different styles and help our students to create their original style of performance. Sign up for a trial lesson!
We use several techniques to put a voice, to reveal an individual timbre, to overcome such problems as "tight throat" when singing, "flat sound", "singing in the nose" and so on. Our teachers are certified teachers of the phonopedic method of voice development, a unique development of the legendary Russian vocal teacher V.V. Yemelyanov. The technique is suitable for everyone - children and adults, those who want to put a voice, sing pop and rock and those who dream of bel canto.
We select the most diverse repertoire for you, depending on your voice and objectives. You will be free to sing in different styles - from pop and rock music to the opera crossover. We do not work on the template. For us, each student is unique and deserves only an individual approach.
Effective techniques
We cooperate with the best "doctor of voice" in Russia - Ekaterina Osipenko. We strongly recommend that all students pass an inspection at the best Phonier of our country. After such an examination you will be able to accurately know the characteristics of your voice, be able to prevent possible problems in advance and have time to take action if the condition of the ligaments already requires treatment.
Students of Voice Up! perform at professional sites and get important experience of stage work. We also attract the best students to work in the studio, performances at open Voice Up! Master classes, recordings of jingles and videos. We have a wide range of acquaintances in the music industry and will help you get on the professional stage if you set yourself such a goal.
Healthy voices
Concerts and performances
Individually or in a group - you get the result anyway!
Individual сlasses
  • Convenient schedule - work when you are comfortable
  • Individual singing
  • Lesson duration 60 min
  • Ability to transfer classes during subscription
  • Work on the repertoire
The cost of one lesson 2500rub when buying a subscription for 4 lessons
Sing up for a lessons
Classes in the mini-group
  • Classes are held in groups
  • Singing with classmates
  • Duration of lessons from 90 to 120 minutes
  • Class transfer is not possible
  • Work on the repertoire
The cost of one lesson 1500rub when buying a subscription for 4 lessons
Sing up for a lessons
Sign up for a trial lesson.
Today in Moscow there are many vocal schools. To make sure that in Voice Up! professionals of the business work and here you really will progress - we invite you to a test lesson every Saturday at 14:00. Sign up! At the trial lesson you can:
At the trial lesson you can:

determine your natural voice type
and learn all about the structure of the vocal apparatus;
get acquainted with the methodology of teaching;
master the exercises that you can immediately use in practice;
perform singing, warming up and developing voice, which can be recorded.
The right decision, your voice must be heard!
Leave your contact details and we will contact you soon.
The right decision, your voice must be heard!
Leave your contact details and we will contact you soon.
The cost of a trial lesson - 949 rub.
Leave your contact details and we will contact you soon.
Mentor: Tatyana Shurupova
Studio founder
Tatyana Shurupova is one of the brightest young vocal teachers with more than 10 years of professional experience. A tireless researcher of the best and most effective teaching methods, revealing the natural voice and creative potential of his students.

Education: Moscow State Pedagogical University named after Lenin, musical faculty, specialty "pop jazz vocal", advanced training Berklee college of Music. Certified teacher of phonopedic voice development.

«I think that it makes sense for everyone to engage in their own voice. When we actively and competently use our voice, all components of a person are involved and work together - the psyche, energy, and physiology. You become more holistic, emotionally and physically healthy. To hear and discover truly YOUR voice - great happiness and harmony with yourself!»

In the studio Voice Up! Tatyana has gathered excellent mentors who share her views on working with voice, have the highest professional level and who truly care about the development of their students.

Mentor: Valeria Simonova
Valeria Simonova has been teaching since 2008. She graduated from the Faculty of Music of Moscow State Pedagogical University, and studied vocal with Irene Flaming according to her author's method "Inner Sound", Nikolai Nikolayevich Wise, the leading teacher of the Gnesins Academy and the College of Pop and Jazz Art of SMUEDI.

"I am a performer myself and I have always felt hurt for those who have been learning vocal for years and as a result go out with nothing, without understanding what sound is and how to control it. Many people are afraid of their voice, afraid of singing wrong, not getting caught in notes, show your emotions in songs, etc. Someone's mother said that he was nonsense, someone got an ignorant teacher, someone alone thinks that he has no voice. Of course, where will he be from if you do not know how to use it correctly? " Classes are suitable for everyone, both for those who want to become a professional vocalist, and for those who just like to sing. After all, vocal classes give a good mood and liberate, making a person more confident in himself."

If you like the informal approach to learning, the modern view of music and you don't want to sing "according to the program", then you have come to the place where all your needs and peculiarities will be taken into account. In addition to pop-jazz vocal, he teaches rock performers with pleasure.

Mentor: Natalia Kiryakhno
Senior mentor
Natalia Ivanovna Kiryakhno - a unique teacher with more than 27 years of experience!

Behind her shoulders - graduated with honors: College. Gnesinykh, MPGU, RGSU and a huge variety of master classes and specialized courses.
Acting teacher at the State Musical College of Variety and Jazz Art.
Natalia's students are talented and self-realized people, graduates of Berkley College of Music (USA), Hochschule für Musik Freiburg (Graduate School of Music, Germany).

Among them: the group A'Cappella ExpreSSS, awarded the Ward Swingle Award in the category "Best jazz vocal group."
Participants and finalists of such television shows as "Junior Eurovision", "Battle of the Choirs", "KVN: Major League", "Main Scene".
Lyudmila Chebotina is the finalist of the show "Voice. Ukraine "," Voice. India ", a diploma winner of the" New Wave 2017 "competition.
Azer Nasibov - finalist of the show "Voice. Children".

Natalia Kiryakhno works according to the techniques of leading masters of Russian and foreign vocal schools (Anne Peckham, Gabrielle Goodman, Melissa Cross, Bob Stoloff). As a specialist, she developed her own teaching methodology, which develops the individuality of a vocalist performer in the field of pop-jazz and rock vocals.

Mentor: Zhenya Hanssen
Mentor of acting, vocal and music theory.
Mentor of acting, vocal and music theory.

Behind Zhenya GITIS (actress of the drama theater) and the Literary Institute. Gorky on the specialty literary translation, the intensives of Yale University teacher Polina Klimovitskaya.

Evgenia has been working on the stage for 27 years as a musician and actress. As a teacher and vocal producer, Zhenya more than once collaborated with Dima Bilan, the production centers of Mikhail Grebenshchikov and Max Fadeev, the variety art studio Recital Alla Borisovna Pugacheva, was engaged in staging the musical of graduates of the school Recital and preparing the contestants for Junior Eurovision. Evgenia's trainings include studying solfeggio, acting training on the system of Mikhail Chekhov, allowing the artist to better understand his body work, preparing vocal numbers for concert performances, producing vocals during studio work, producing songs in English in genres from hip-hop to rock.

Mentor: Dmitry Strigin
Specialization: teaching of English, acting.
Dmitry Strigin - singer, actor, vocal and language coach, laureate and winner of the Grand Prix of city, regional, All-Russian and international vocal competition, winner of the "Talent" award of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, "Best of the Best in Russia" award, participant top-60 Finnish television show "Idols".
Dmitry is the author of a unique method of teaching English through acting and vocal skills. For 6 months from scratch he put on a musical in English with people who had not studied the language before and never sang!
A graduate of the Moscow State Linguistic University (named after Moris Torez), the vocal department of the Moscow College of Improvisational Music and the acting department of the Russian Academy of Theatrical Art GITIS.
Successful artist of the musicals "Treasure Island", "The Bremen Town Musicians", "The Ballad of a Small Heart", "The Wizard of the Emerald City", "The Master and Margarita", "The Last Trial".

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